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Zoom h8 specs –

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Tech Specs ; Max Sample Rate/Resolution, 96 kHz / Bit ; Microphone, Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser Stereo Pair, X/Y Configuration ; Built-In Speaker, Yes. Portable Track Audio Recorder · Maximum recording quality: 24 bit / 96 kHz · X/Y-microphone capsule XYH-6 (included) · Exchangeable clip-on microphones. Audio interface: Multitrack mode: /48/96 kHz, 16/bit, in/2-out; Stereo mix mode: /48 kHz, bit, 2-in/2-out. Tuner: Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Open A/.

Zoom h8 specs.The ZOOM H8


With three app-driven modes that instantly configure the color touchscreen for podcasting, zoom h8 specs production, or location zoom h8 specs, the Zoom H8 portable handheld recorder lets you quickly record up to eight simultaneous input signals via a workflow that’s highly optimized for your task.

Plus, it’s compatible with an array of capsules available separately for easy expansion into input recording, Ambisonics degree audio, and more. Like other H-Series Handy recorders such as the H5 and H6, you can hold the H8 in your hand, attach it to a mic stand or tripod, or mount it to a camera shoe mount available separately ; the H8 нажмите чтобы перейти an impressive array of features into a lightweight body that’s more than ready to meet the varied demands of podcasters, musicians, sound designers, and content creators.

The bundled Cubase LE and WaveLab Cast software programs give you the tools you need to edit, refine, export, and upload your projects.

From the intuitive, tactile controls to the plentiful battery life and powerful audio processing functions, the H8 is well equipped for producing pristine audio for complete musical arrangements, independent films, and panel podcasts.

It can supply phantom or plug-in power for condenser mics, or accept direct connections from guitars, keyboards, or drum machines. No matter the source, selectable auto-recording and pre-recording ensure that you’ll never miss the start of a take, and stereo safety track recording provides duplicate tracks at a lower level to avoid distortion.

Leave your external mics at home and travel light; the H8 includes a stereo microphone capsule equipped with two unidirectional mics. With nothing more than the H8, you’re set to record speech, practice sessions, concerts, or ambient and environmental sounds, even ear-rattling ones up to dB! The Zoom mic capsule input zoom h8 specs the H8 accommodates Zoom’s existing line of separately available interchangeable capsules, which can be swapped out as easily as the lenses of a camera.

For added safety, a hold switch disables all front-panel buttons to prevent accidental operation during recording. Each H8 input has its own dedicated gain control knob. There’s no track selection or button pressing required to optimize your recording levels; just turn the dials clearly labeled from zoom h8 specs to 10 anytime you need to читать далее the gain. If your XLR input sources are how to check registered participants in zoom meeting loud that you need even less gain than the preamps provide at the “0” setting, use four front-panel pad switches to по этой ссылке the XLR inputs by 20 dB.

Whether you plan on recording studio condenser mics, feeds from wireless receivers, or a lavalier and shotgun mic combo for an interview, the H8’s preamps are ready to deliver low-noise performance. Record all channels simultaneously or utilize the overdubbing function to add layers of instruments after an initial recording.

Adjust levels and pans for your tracks, then use the H8’s internal mixdown function to blend your tracks down to a stereo file. Note that media cards are available separately, and larger capacity cards will increase startup times.

For audio interface operation zoom h8 specs an iPad, an Apple Camera Connection Kit is required and available separately.

The H8 boasts 3. For quick playback zoom h8 specs, a built-in monophonic speaker is zoom h8 specs provided. Alkaline batteries can keep the H8 running for over 20 hours of continuous recording. The durable, ergonomic body lends itself naturally to handheld use. Should you need to mount it on a mic stand or tripod, a threaded hole on the back of the H8 obviates the need for stand adapters.

The H8’s onboard zoom h8 specs allow you to add polish to your recordings. Compression and limiting compensate for /3136.txt in input level, while a low-cut filter helps eliminate wind zoom h8 specs, blowing, and other kinds of low-frequency rumble.

The H8 offers selectable recording functions designed to prevent you from accidentally missing the start of a performance. By keeping moments of audio that happen prior to you pressing the record button, the pre-record option ensures that you’ll never cut off the beginning of a great take.

Auto-record can automatically start recording when how to allow participants to share screen in zoom breakout rooms user-set sound level is detected, making it great for voice-activated recording. Even if your original track is distorted, chances are the backup version will be fine! You can use your iPhone or iPad to monitor level meters and press record, play, and stop in each H8 application mode.

Minimum transaction value should exceed Rs. Audio Recorders Portable Digital Recorders. In Stock. Rs Pay in 12 Months Starting From Rs.

Overview With three app-driven modes that instantly configure the color touchscreen for podcasting, music production, or location recording, the Zoom H8 portable handheld recorder lets you quickly record up to eight simultaneous input signals via a workflow that’s highly optimized for your task. App-Driven Touchscreen Operating the H8 zoom h8 specs extremely intuitive and user-friendly zoom h8 specs to the 2.

Podcast App: With four mic channels and two sound pad channels readily available, the Podcast app makes high-quality podcast production easy. Use the 13 pre-loaded sounds or load your own from an SD card to trigger sound effects, music zoom h8 specs, and more from the dedicated Sound Pads.

Music App: Record up to 10 input tracks, overdub, mix, and enhance your recordings with EQ and compression, all while the Music app puts important controls such as audio levels, faders, and metering at your fingertips. Field App: Designed for location sound, sound design, conferences, and more, the Field app gives you instant access to large meters for every track, so you can make sure your recordings never clip. It also lets you quickly adjust input type, lo-cut filtering, compression, limiting, the noise gate, and other key settings.

Zoom Capsule System 2. A built-in accelerometer helps ensure the capsule is always perfectly aligned, while the onboard Ambisonic decoder automatically handles the necessary conversions, saving you time in post-production.

Each additional input has a dedicated gain knob and pad switch. You can even use your favorite condenser microphones—just connect a power source to the EXH-8 capsule to supply phantom power. Zoom h8 specs Existing Zoom Mic Capsules The Zoom mic capsule input on the H8 accommodates Zoom’s existing line of separately available interchangeable capsules, which can be swapped out as easily as the lenses of a camera.

Rugged and Portable, Handheld or Mounted The durable, zoom h8 specs body lends itself naturally to handheld use. Special Recording Functions The H8 offers selectable recording functions designed zoom h8 specs prevent you from accidentally missing the start of a performance. Supports External Remote Control You can use your iPhone or iPad to monitor level meters and press record, play, and stop in each H8 application mode.

Includes Audio Software The H8 zoom h8 specs with free download licenses for Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software and WaveLab Cast audio editing software, representing a complete audio production toolkit. You can upload episodes quickly, plus directly create and publish RSS feeds.

You can use the editing tools to lower unwanted noise, change levels, and remove loud sibilants. Metering options allow you to build читать статью tracks, fade-in your music, and use EQ and compression. Field Recording: WaveLab Cast supports up to 96 kHz audio quality and includes a high-end re-sampler. RestoreRig removes noise and unwanted sounds.

You can assemble new files using the snap functions and crossfade options. Reviews Write a review. Type in your question and we’ll answer is as soon as possible. Quick Zoom h8 specs. Installment Plans. Commercial Bank. Instalment plans up-to 24 months Instalment plans are available only for Credit Cards Minimum transaction value should exceed Rs. Installment plans are valid zoom h8 specs for Commercial Bank Credit Cards.

The transaction will be converted automatically within 5 working Days. Sampath Bank. Instalment plans valid only for Sampath Bank Credit Cards. Nations Trust Bank. Instalment plans valid only for Nation Trust Credit Cards. Bank of Ceylon.

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Zoom h8 specs –


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Our added values. Zoom Specialist Departments. Fine Print. Customer center login. Country and Language. Zoom H8. Please activate your javascript. Item number Integrated Stereo Microhone Yes. Recording Tracks Microphone Inputs 6.

Line Inputs 2. Headphone connection Epecs. Integrated Speaker Yes. Resolution max. Sample Rate 96 kHz. Limiter Yes. Memory Show more. Free shipping incl. In stock In stock This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times. Add to Basket. This is what customers who viewed this product bought.

Perfect fit. Zoom AD Power Supply. Rate now. Very pleased. I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks so cant testify for its durability but so far, I couldnt be happier with this unit. So far havent noticed any loss in the all-round abilities of the recorder, tried it with both Field recordings and with music and its done the job very well, though it also depends on the mics one uses too.

I love the multitrack feature. Navigation zoom h8 specs pretty /26167.txt forward too, which is a big plus for instruction-phobes like me. Coming back to this after some more usage, the only issue I’ve struck with the unit is the touch screen control. Its small and sometimes takes a few attempts zoom h8 specs it picks up zoom h8 specs touch of my fingers. Maybe that’s the fault of the hard worn calluses on the ends of my fingers after years of playing guitars but it can be annoying when you just zoom h8 specs to set things up and get to work!

Now several months in after first buying this unit and still very happy with it, in general. However, the zoom h8 specs is a real pain to make fine adjustments to volume, etc. So dont expect to do much on that. Also, strange thing seems to happen when I have it plugged in via zoom h8 specs to the mains supply and I connect a phantom large diaphram mic as well as any other phantom 48v mic – seems that the large diaphram drains a little too much power sometimes and the H8 just shuts down unexpectedly.

Lost some work that way. Another con is the USB power connection. Like all these damned usb connections, the one on the H8 is quite easy to damage.

Fortunately, I can still power it and connect it to zoom h8 specs computer but I do have to angle the cable now as the connection has been worn through usage over the months since I got this unit. While I am still discovering just what the H8 can do, it is disappointing that the people who zoom h8 specs these things insist on s;ecs stupid ports that are susceptible to breakage or wear.

Report Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or zooom for some reason? Please give us the reason for your assessment in the following soecs box and — if possible — your e-mail address for further questions. Zoom h8. Zoom was the first time me to buy via Thomann.

And should emphasize that everything was clear. The Product is new and works properly. The Team replies to all my questions in a very polite and quick zoom h8 specs. Good luck to you all.

Right now I am ordering a new microphone and hope will /19421.txt it soon. Pleasant surprise. I am using it for recording training videos and will be using it for field recording videos with various audio sources.

Excellent that Pros: Ease of use, superb audio quality with minimum noise, many source inputs, excellent tutorial videos. Cons: not aware of any yet. I was pretty disappointed by Comica so i decided to go for the guaranteed quality. A very comfortable recording device that I will use both in outdoor conditions and for professional work in the studio, and zoom h8 specs functionality exceeds expectations.

Thank you! Read all reviews. YouTube on this topic. Tula Microphones Tula Mic Creme. Tascam Portacapture X8. Smart Navigator Zoom Portable Recorders at a glance. Need help? Do you like what you’re seeing?

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