How do i get remote desktop to fit my screen – none: –

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Remote Desktop Plus – | Remote Desktop Plus – Solution 1: Adjust Windows 10 Screen Resolution

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It retains the logged in session, which retains the screen resolution you set with Display Menu in earlier steps. I have yet to log out of my current session on my client machine, so this may only be a temporary fix. However, its the only way I have found that satisfies my OCD with proper screen real estate consumption.

Some alternatives that others have presented below, in case this answer does not work for your system:. Just hold the ‘Option’ key while you press on ‘Scaled’ button in the display settings in system preferences.

This will bring up all available resolutions and you can change to whichever you like. Just downloading Display menu from App Store free and choosing highest resolution worked for me on Yosemite. Now running headless with great remote screen resolution. No other actions required. It is a shareware utility that installs itself into System Preferences. From within the panel, it allows you to force the default resolution of an external monitor.

Many people seem to have good luck using the AirDisplay drivers to achieve this. There’s also headless dummy adapters you can buy, although that might be overkill. If you’re keen to building your own there’s a way to do that as well. More information here. Here’s an alternative, based on CDD’s answer that will work for Lion. The Display Menu application doesn’t work on Lion. Go to System Preferences, Displays, and choose the resolution you want.

Switch to this resolution. The VNC display will freeze. Press Return a couple of times to accept the resolution anyway. You’ll see the menu bar getting wider for a moment, but not the VNC windows. Then it’ll auto-revert to how it was. The display chooser may still not show up in the menu bar for lack of space. Disable anything you don’t need in the menu bar until there’s enough space for the display chooser to show up. Close Preferences. Log in to the same computer using ssh separately.

Choose the desired resolution from the menu bar display chooser, press return a couple of times, and now you can run killall ScreensharingAgent from the ssh session. The VNC window will now resize to the correct resolution. For its simplicity, I prefer the QuickRes application.

This Finally solved a similar annoying work-related monitor problem of mine. Might help you too. My development-work computer is an iMac sitting on my Baby Grand Piano. Works fine but theres a niggle. My MacBook screen res. So for remote work my screen real estate is squashed. I get to use only lines out of the available on my MacBook Pro, with black letter boxing above and below the video.

A waste. You plug it into the second monitor video port where it acts as a dummy second display with variable screen resolution options up to 4K. However on receiving it – I plugged it into my VDI port. It appeared in preferences as a second screen. Googled around. And came across and downloaded demo of an app called SwitchResX which does all manner of things to do with monitors.

So added one for x No letterboxing. More pixels to poke, drag and mouse around with.. For example because it sits in a rack or on a shelf Resolutionator worked for me on El Capitan. For now Display menu is the way to go for a Mac headless computer. However, after I changed the Apple Screen Sharing app’s preference under Display from “Scale to fit available space” to “Show in full size”, then x and a whole range of other options came up. This was valuable to me because I was looking to avoid any apps requiring SIP to be disabled and any apps only available through the App Store.

I don’t have enough rep to comment on one of the more upvoted posts referencing a screen shot of using the above method on a Macbook but hope this helps someone! Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Force the resolution on a headless mac mini server Ask Question.

Asked 8 years, 4 months ago. Modified 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Everett Everett 2, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. There must be a better way. I won’t touch SwitchResX with a foot pole been there, done that, bought the license. Other answers don’t address the core issue of custom resolutions. When I connect my work display, my Macbook remembers its unique resolution for a while x – for a short time I’m able to choose this at home, while remoting with VNC.

The laptop screen happily displays it, too. I use ResXtreme to access extended resolutions, but it doesn’t let you create anything custom. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. I found the following to work perfectly, assuming that you are using Apple Remote Desktop: Download Display Menu Free on Mac App Store Install the app, and for my use cases, x was the proper resolution.

Your screen will go black and you will be ‘locked out’, despite the resolution properly switching. Some things that helped me find this answer: Alternative to this answer on SuperUser , doesn’t accomplish what I wanted, but good to have for reference material MacWorld Hints , which held the elusive answer!

Some alternatives that others have presented below, in case this answer does not work for your system: QuickRes App SwitchRexX Resolutionator. Improve this answer. Community Bot 1. Unbelievable how difficult Apple can make simple things like setting headless computer VNC resolution, why? I am using only Apple computers, but I totally hate this kind of I do not know what.

Well, to be honest their development time for something like this is better spent getting the new 4K displays to work with the Mac Pro’s drivers I don’t really blame them, but it is kind impressive that the Apple Remote Desktop team doesn’t support this more natively.

Anyways, if this helped more than the selected answer, please up vote it, as I found the AirDisplay drivers to really break my experience, wouldn’t want another going down that path.

You can also put normal. This way you can use the command file as a master. Tip: Use. This enables you to start sessions using hyperlinks on webpages or from password managers like KeePass. This will import the URI scheme. Command line: rdp Connection. This means you can safely set it to 2 if you always want your session to start in the second monitor when it is available. The default options can of course be overruled from the command line.

Another option to set default options is placing a command file called Default. Some of the behavior of Remote Desktop Plus can be controlled through Group Policies or registry settings. More information about this can be found on this page. These are processed in the following order:. Note: Starting with version 7. These are the possible exit codes which can be raised: 0: No errors. Echo Shell. You may use and distribute the program free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as end users are not charged a fee of any kind for its use.

If you want to show your appreciation and make a difference in this world, then please consider making a donation to a reputable charity, like these for example. Dutch Cancer Society. World Wildlife Fund. This installer performs the following actions:. Check the downloads page for all available downloads. Please feel free to leave your comments, bug reports or suggestions …. Send a copy of this message to yourself.

Remote Desktop Plus. Login automatically from the command line. Automatically trusts all local resources and the remote computer. No more annoying questions like: Do you trust the computer you are connecting to? Passwords entered from the command line can be encrypted for enhanced security. Useful when starting Remote Desktop from batch files or published applications Citrix. Ever had to login to multiple servers at once? Just enter those servers separated by commas and off you go.

Supports connecting through a Remote Desktop Gateway server. Remote Desktop Plus also has a load balancing and as of version 6. You can use this for example for legacy RemoteApps which are hosted on multiple servers without a session broker. Startup programs and RemoteApps. Supports launching and autologin of RemoteApps. Supports specifying a startup program i. You can use both local and remote environment variables in the command.

Profiles and favorites. Allows you to save credentials securely in profiles. Profiles normally only work for the user who saved them and only on the computer on which they were saved. Profiles can be useful when administering a large amount of computers from a single point of administration. Changed the password for Administrator? Ability to save frequently used connections as favorites for easy launching. Launch favorites from the command line.

Configuration and settings. Some settings and options can be controlled through Group Policies. Group Policy templates for these settings are available for download on the site. Allows setting default options through either the registry, Group Policies or an enviroment variable. Remote Desktop Plus features a special restricted kiosk mode in which only the computer, username, password, or any combination thereof can be changed. When used as a published application, this allows you to grant internal or external support departments remote access to a range of servers in a much safer way.

Has the ability to disable the close button in the title bar and remove the connection bar, thus forcing users to logoff gracefully instead of just disconnecting and leaving their remote sessions open. You can specify a range of computers the user is allowed to connect to. Any attempt to connect to computers not in the list will be denied.

Has the ability to log all connections in a log file or the event log. Can set the working screen size to either the maximum available size so it looks like a normal maximized application or to a adjustable size — by setting either a margin or specifying a percentage of the screen — so you can still move it around a bit. When using multiple monitors, you can specify on which monitor the Remote Desktop session should be started. When using custom. You can set your own title bar text and specify your own icon.

Still missing some command line parameters? Features an optional system tray icon for launching and managing your favorites, and for quickly switching to currently active Remote Desktop sessions.

Contains no spyware, adware, browser toolbars, nag screens, phone home mechanisms or any of that stuff. And it never will. Command line parameters. Use the option in the system menu to generate. Also forces kiosk mode. Only works when properly configured and when supported by the client. Defaults to the domain of the current user. Enter a margin in pixels or a percentage of the local screen. Also removes all buttons in the connection bar. Also disables the minimize button and removes all buttons in the connection bar.

Default is 10 seconds. The target computer must be the name of the farm. Use the loop parameter to return to the GUI after the session has ended.

Defaults to c omputer. Both wild cards and regular expressions enclosed in parentheses a re allowed. Wild cards or regular expressions cannot be used. Defaults to rdp.

Errors can be handled through the exit codes. Additional command line arguments are allowed. The client computer must be joined to a domain. The logged in user must be a domain user. The client computer must have Remote Desktop Connection 7. The target computer must also be domain joined and should be running Windows or higher. On the client computer, credential delegation must be configured trough a group policy. The kiosk mode will default to or c when a mask has not been specified.

Example log file. This icon can be used for the following things: Managing and launching favorites. Quickly switching to currently active Remote Desktop sessions. Automatically load the tray when you start your computer.


How do i get remote desktop to fit my screen – none:

Perhaps using the following configuration could resolve your issue, change the “Screen sizing mode” to “Smart reconnect” and the “Remote desktop size” to “. 1. Close the remote desktop services session you have open. 2. Ensure both monitors are working as they should outside of the server session and.


Setting up two screens on Remote Desktop – Beaming – Question Info

Perhaps using the following configuration could resolve your issue, change the “Screen sizing mode” to “Smart reconnect” and the “Remote desktop size” to “. 1. Close the remote desktop services session you have open. 2. Ensure both monitors are working as they should outside of the server session and.


How to use Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10 | Windows Central.


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